The information provided in this webpage is linked to the live Road Permit System and the dates shown indicate the current validity dates of the permit granted to the Contractor, as per his request, to carry out the works. Nonetheless, the information provided in this webpage is only intended to be of generic information to the public provided on an "As-Is" basis, without warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

TypeLocal CouncilStreetFromTo
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- KONTI R. BARBARO14/06/201725/07/2017
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- HAFUR14/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ ID- DORGA24/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksATTARD [Ħ' Attard]TRIQ IL- FIES26/07/201716/08/2017
Road WorksBAHRIJA [Il-Baħrija]TRIQ IL- PALAZZ30/05/201725/07/2017
Road WorksBAHRIJA [Il-Baħrija]TRIQ TA' NAMURA17/07/201729/08/2017
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ SAN DWARDU29/06/201728/08/2017
Road WorksBIRGU [Il-Birgu (Ċittà Vittoriosa)]TRIQ DAWRET L-ISPTAR29/06/201728/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- QASAB11/08/201628/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]Triq il- Mergħat (Zona Industrijali, Mrieħel)17/01/201717/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ F. GENESTE05/07/201727/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ TOMMASO DINGLI05/07/201727/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- FERROVIJA L-QADIMA07/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- KNISJA L-QADIMA07/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- KNISJA L-QADIMA07/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- FERROVIJA L-QADIMA07/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- FERROVIJA L-QADIMA07/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ CIKKU BONACI10/07/201721/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ G. GRECH DELICATA10/07/201721/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ MOSE' GATT10/07/201721/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ TUMAS GALEA10/07/201721/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ MONS. ALFRED MIFSUD17/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ FRANCESCO BUHAGIAR18/07/201709/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- KARMNU18/07/201709/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IL- FERROVIJA L-QADIMA19/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ L- ISQOF LABINI21/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ L- ISQOF LABINI21/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ RIGU21/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ RIGU21/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ IN- NAXXAR23/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ P.P. CASTAGNA24/07/201718/09/2017
Road WorksBIRKIRKARA [Birkirkara]TRIQ B. BONTADINI24/07/201711/09/2017
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]TRIQ IL- QAJJENZA20/10/201611/09/2017
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]TRIQ BIRZEBBUGA12/07/201702/08/2017
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]QASAM INDUSTRIJALI HAL FAR12/07/201702/08/2017
Road WorksBIRZEBBUGA [Birżebbuġa]TRIQ IL- FOSSILI14/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksFGURA [Il-Fgura]TRIQ IL- KARMNU19/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksFGURA [Il-Fgura]TRIQ HAZ-ZABBAR23/07/201709/08/2017
Road WorksFGURA [Il-Fgura]TRIQ SAN MIKIEL23/07/201709/08/2017
Road WorksFLORIANA [Il-Furjana]TRIQ L- ISQOF MAURO CARUANA10/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksFLORIANA [Il-Furjana]TRIQ VILHENA10/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksFLORIANA [Il-Furjana]TRIQ JOHN LOPEZ10/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksFONTANA [Il-Fontana]TRIQ JOHN GASPARD LE MARCHANT24/07/201715/08/2017
Road WorksGHAJNSIELEM [Għajnsielem]TRIQ L- IMGARR24/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksGHARB [L-Għarb]TRIQ IL- MADONNA TAL-VIRTUT05/05/201731/07/2017
Road WorksGHARGHUR [Ħal Għargħur]TRIQ IL- WIEHED U TLETIN TA' MARZU22/06/201711/08/2017
Road WorksGHARGHUR [Ħal Għargħur]TRIQ CARAVAGGIO22/06/201711/08/2017
Road WorksGZIRA [Il-Gżira]TRIQ SIR FREDERICK C. PONSONBY13/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksGZIRA [Il-Gżira]TRIQ TAS- SLIEMA21/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksGZIRA [Il-Gżira]TRIQ IL- GZIRA26/07/201702/08/2017
Road WorksGZIRA [Il-Gżira]TRIQ IR- REBHA26/07/201702/08/2017
Road WorksĦal FarruġTRIQ HAL FARRUG12/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksHAMRUN [Il-Ħamrun]TRIQ JOSEPH ABELA SCOLARO06/07/201720/08/2017
Road WorksHAMRUN [Il-Ħamrun]TRIQ WILLIE ATTARD20/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksIl-Belt VallettaTriq Il-Papa Piju V15/05/201131/12/2030
Road WorksISLA [L-Isla (Ċittà Invicta)]TRIQ IS- SUR13/05/201730/09/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ ANGLU AGIUS17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]MISRAH ARCISQOF GONZI17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ GANNI RAIMONDO17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ GIOVANNI RICASOLI17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ IL- KAPUCCINI17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ MARINA17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ SAN LAWRENZ17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKALKARA [Il-Kalkara]TRIQ SANTA FILUMENA17/04/201731/08/2017
Road WorksKAPPARA [Il-Kappara]TRIQ MIKIEL ANTON VASSALLI25/05/201601/12/2017
Road WorksKIRKOP [Ħal Kirkop]TRIQ SAN GWANN20/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksKIRKOP [Ħal Kirkop]TRIQ SAN PIETRU23/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksKIRKOP [Ħal Kirkop]MISRAH SAN ANARD24/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ IL- KBIRA07/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksLIJA [Ħal Lija]TRIQ DEPIRO-GOURGION19/07/201710/08/2017
Road WorksLUQA [Ħal Luqa]VJAL L- AVJAZZJONI09/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksLUQA [Ħal Luqa]QASAM INDUSTRIJALI LUQA18/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksLUQA [Ħal Luqa]VJAL L- AVJAZZJONI20/07/201729/08/2017
Road WorksLUQA [Ħal Luqa]WESGHET DUN JOE M. CAMILLERI24/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksMADLIENA [Il-Madliena]TRIQ IX- XGHAJRAT29/06/201731/07/2017
Road WorksMADLIENA [Il-Madliena]TRIQ IS- SEBH29/06/201731/07/2017
Road WorksMARSA [Il-Marsa]TRIQ IT- TIGRIJA13/06/201702/08/2017
Road WorksMARSA [Il-Marsa]TRIQ L- INGIERED21/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ IL- KATAKOMBI11/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ IN- NADUR12/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ SALVU BUHAGIAR14/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksMARSASKALA [Marsaskala]TRIQ ID- DAHLA TA' SAN TUMAS24/07/201710/08/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ ANTONIO FALZON10/03/201730/09/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ GUZE' FLORES10/03/201730/09/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ TONI PACE10/03/201730/09/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ IL- QORTIN08/06/201721/07/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ LOUIS WETTINGER28/06/201709/08/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ IS- SAGHTAR05/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ IL- BARKAZZA09/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ L- ARZNELL19/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksMELLIEHA [Il-Mellieħa]TRIQ IT- TRAMUNTANA21/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksMGARR [L-Imġarr]IS- SANTI, LIMITI TA' L-14/06/201714/08/2017
Road WorksMGARR [L-Imġarr]TRIQ GNIEN ID-DWIELI18/07/201730/08/2017
Road WorksMGARR [L-Imġarr]TRIQ FISHER24/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]VJAL L- INDIPENDENZA25/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksMOSTA [Il-Mosta]TRIQ IL- FORTIZZA25/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksMRIEHELOff Mdina Road26/05/201721/08/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ TAL- HRIEREB06/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ OSCAR ZAMMIT09/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ MISRAH IL-BARRIERI13/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ IS- SNAJJA'13/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ D'ARGENS19/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksMSIDA [L-Imsida]TRIQ IL- WIED TA' L-IMSIDA21/07/201705/08/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ JULES VERNE25/04/201730/07/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IT- TORRI TAL-KAPTAN30/06/201726/07/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ JULES VERNE, TRIQ GDIDA FI13/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ SIR H. LUKE17/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IL- PARROCCA21/07/201702/08/2017
Road WorksNAXXAR [In-Naxxar]TRIQ IL- FORGA26/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]PJAZZA ANTOINE DE PAULE10/03/201711/09/2017
Road WorksPAOLA [Paola]TRIQ NINU CREMONA09/06/201724/07/2017
Road WorksPEMBROKE [Pembroke]Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq - White Rocks14/07/201721/07/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ L- ARKATA17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ L- ARMIER17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ CORREA17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ L- ISTABAL17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ SANTU ROKKU17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ IS- SIENJA17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ PATRI G. SPITERI FREMOND17/03/201704/09/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ IX- XITWA19/07/201704/08/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ IL- KBIRA21/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksQORMI [Ħal Qormi (Ċittà Pinto)]TRIQ SAN BASTJAN25/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ L- ARCISQOF PIETRU PACE28/04/201715/09/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ GHAJN QATET28/04/201715/09/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ POMPEJ28/04/201715/09/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ SIR ARTURO MERCIECA28/04/201715/09/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IT- TABIB ANTON TABONE28/04/201715/09/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]TRIQ IL- KAPUCCINI05/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat, Għawdex (Ċittà Victoria)]Tal- Ibraġ Sptar Ġenerali20/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat]TRIQ TAL- MUZEW14/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksRABAT [Ir-Rabat]TRIQ IT- TIGRIJA21/07/201701/08/2017
Road WorksSAFI [Ħal Safi]TRIQ IL- KUCCARD08/05/201711/09/2017
Road WorksSAFI [Ħal Safi]TRIQ DUN GUZEPP CARUANA15/07/201721/07/2017
Road WorksSAN GILJAN [San Ġiljan]TRIQ IL- QALIET29/06/201704/08/2017
Road WorksSAN GWANN [San Ġwann]TRIQ TAL- BALAL15/06/201724/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ ALOFJU WIGNACOURT16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ GULJU16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- QALB TA' GESU'16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IS- SAJJIED16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ SAN GLORMU16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IT- TURISTI16/02/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ L- ERBA' MWIEZEB19/04/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IL- MOSTA19/04/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ TAL- QARBUNI19/04/201731/07/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IS- SIMAR19/07/201714/09/2017
Road WorksSAN PAWL IL-BAHAR [San Pawl il-Baħar]TRIQ IT- TAMAR, TRIQ GDIDA FI21/07/201726/07/2017
Road WorksSANNAT [Ta' Sannat]TRIQ TA' GERXIJA19/06/201701/08/2017
Road WorksSanta Luċija, GħawdexTRIQ SANTA LUCIJA20/07/201703/08/2017
Road WorksSANTA VENERA [Santa Venera]TRIQ IL- KANUN23/09/201630/09/2017
Road WorksSLIEMA [Tas-Sliema]TRIQ SIR GEORGE BORG14/07/201729/07/2017
Road WorksSLIEMA [Tas-Sliema]TRIQ GORG BORG OLIVIER19/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksSLIEMA [Tas-Sliema]TRIQ PATRI MARJANU VELLA25/07/201708/08/2017
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ IL- BUGANVILLA05/07/201725/07/2017
Road WorksSWIEQI [Is-Swieqi]TRIQ F. VIDAL06/07/201721/07/2017
Road WorksTA' QALIVILLAĠĠ TA' L-ARTIĠĠJANAT12/07/201730/10/2017
Road WorksTA' QALIVILLAĠĠ TA' L-ARTIĠĠJANAT12/07/201730/10/2017
Road WorksTA XBIEX [Ta' Xbiex]VJAL SIR TEMI ZAMMIT16/06/201728/07/2017
Road WorksTA XBIEX [Ta' Xbiex]TRIQ SIR AUGUSTUS BARTOLO13/07/201707/09/2017
Road WorksTARXIEN [Ħal Tarxien]TRIQ DUN KARM SANT18/07/201731/08/2017
Road WorksTARXIEN [Ħal Tarxien]TRIQ XANDRU FARRUGIA18/07/201731/08/2017
Road WorksTARXIEN [Ħal Tarxien]TRIQ GEORGE CARUANA22/07/201707/08/2017
Road WorksVALLETTA [Il-Belt Valletta (Ċittà Umilissima)]TRIQ IL- PUNENT27/05/201723/08/2017
Road WorksVALLETTA [Il-Belt Valletta (Ċittà Umilissima)]TRIQ TAT- TEATRU L-ANTIK27/05/201723/08/2017
Road WorksXAGHRA [Ix-Xagħra]TRIQ MARSALFORN14/06/201718/10/2017
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ L- IMGARR16/06/201729/07/2017
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ TAL- GRUWA10/07/201731/07/2017
Road WorksXEWKIJA [Ix-Xewkija]TRIQ TAL- HAMRIJA17/07/201724/07/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- KAHWIELA18/05/201719/08/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ BORMLA22/06/201725/07/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ SAN DUMINKU22/06/201725/07/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ BIEB IS-SULTAN22/06/201725/07/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]SQAQ BURSETT06/07/201717/08/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ IL- QAQOCC06/07/201717/08/2017
Road WorksZABBAR [Ħaż-Żabbar (Ċittà Hompesch)]TRIQ TAL- LABOUR17/07/201714/08/2017
Road WorksZEBBUG [Ħaż-Żebbuġ (Ċittà Rohan)]TRIQ WIED IS-SEWDA20/07/201727/11/2017
Road WorksZEJTUN [Iż-Żejtun (Ċittà Beland)]TRIQ MARSAXLOKK17/05/201710/08/2017
Road WorksZEJTUN [Iż-Żejtun (Ċittà Beland)]TRIQ HAL TARXIEN26/06/201702/08/2017
Road WorksZEJTUN [Iż-Żejtun (Ċittà Beland)]TRIQ CONNAUGHT20/07/201704/08/2017

Notice to Mariners No 26 of 2016

Extended Hours of Firing Practice at Pembroke Ranges


Notice to Mariners No 25 of 2016

Yellow Marine Weather Station Buoy - Temporarily Removed


Notice to Mariners No 24 of 2016

AFM Maritime Training with Dutch Navy Vessel HNLMS TROMP


Notice to Mariners No 23 of 2016

Outer Munxar Tuna Farm All Buoys - Missing


Notice to Mariners No 22 of 2016

Cominotto West Cardinal Buoy - Drifting


Notice to Mariners No 21 of 2016

Further to Notice to Mariners No 18 of 2016


Notice to Mariners No 20 of 2016

Ghallis North Cardinal Buoy Re-Established



Local Notices to Mariners


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